Client and Partner Testimonials

Feedback from clients and partners is critical for helping us ensure that our programmes and service meet expected standards and helps us to improve constantly and innovate .

“The specialists working with New Chapters are superb. They are one of the key, fundamental factors that make their programmes so unique and special.”

“New Chapters is a fascinating company, a real trailblazer.”

Andrew Roberts, Historian

“The level of service at New Chapters is of a very high standard.”

“Support from organisations such as New Chapters is invaluable for helping us continue our work, share our extensive knowledge on Darwin and the Galapagos, and beat the drum for conservation worldwide.”

Galapagos Conservation Trust

“We are not tourists. We are here to learn.”

“Working with New Chapters in the way we did was a first for us. It enabled us to showcase the breadth of our resources, including some hidden gems, and paves the way on how we’d like to develop going forward.”

Royal Museums Greenwich