Royal Ascot 2018

By June 29, 2018Culture

This year, UK’s most popular social event, Royal Ascot, ended last week (from June 19th to June 23rd). 

Since Queen Anne first started the event in 1711, Royal Ascot has been one of the most attractive and popular UK social events. Not only do all the best racers and horses come together, celebrities and royals also gather at this event. 

Because of its social nature as well as the British passion for fashion and beauty, Royal Ascot is also the perfect place for guests to compete against each other—with their outfits. One of the most eye-catching features of Royal Ascot are the hats that racegoers wear: all the guests are required to wear hats or headpieces. Wearing statement-making pieces therefore becomes an essential part of the Royal Ascot.  


The Queen attended this year’s event without missing a single day:  


Rainbow coloured outfits match perfectly with summer. 

 To have a closer look at the Queen’s outfit—bright yellow coat matched with a hat of the same colour decorated with blue flowers—the bright colour combination has obviously inspired a good mood from the Queen too. 

 Megan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) attended Royal Ascot for the first time as a member of the Royal Family.  


Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall. Duchess of Cornwall is wearing a cream outfit with a feather hat of the same colour. 


Princess Anne chose a similar colour. The cream hat decorated with feathers makes it look even more elegant. 


The Queen’s granddaughters sure won’t miss such an event: 


“Every lady must wear a hat or a headpiece with 10cm+ diameter” 


Royals are not the only one attracted to beautiful hats and outfits. During the five day event, the third day is named Ladies’ Day. Many female guests wear the most unique design they can find. 

One guest wore a hat with a painted horse, appealing to the race. The upright feathers are also very eye-catching. 


beautiful pink rose 


This year’s guests seem to favour nature & plant related decorations: as this butterfly hat demonstrates. 

Unique, super long feathers 


Chelsey Baker with her Black-Orange colour clash hat 


Appealing to the World Cup, one guest wore the St George flat (representing England) 


Red Blue firework, matching with the background England flag 


Using gold all over the body, an astonishing ‘Greek Goddess’ 


Edite Ligere: wearing a hat designed by royal milliner John Boyd 


Milliner Suzanne Ryan wearing her own design 

You probably wouldn’t wear these hats anywhere else than at Royal Ascot. Want to know more about the British passion for hats→What do Beckham and Churchill have in common?