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China Connect: The Experience Economy Forum Paris 2018

March 2018

In March 2018, Esther, one of the co-founders of New Chapters was invited to speak at China Connect ‘The Experience Economy’ Forum in Paris. Click the link below to watch the video in full of Esther sharing her unique insight on ‘Experience: From Differentiation to Knowledge’. 联结东方 (China Connect)是欧洲规模最大的聚焦中国市场消费者趋势、数字营销与移动营销的行业大会。2018年会议的一大焦点就是旅游行业的发展,解密中国旅游市场未来的挑战。

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Simon Webb & 梁宝英 走进英国贵族式教育

格调第248期   8月号 2018
Simon Webb 和梁宝英是对英国夫妇,他们在伦敦创办了一家名为’New Chapters’ 公司,公司主要的项目,是协助和促成中国家庭前往英国、欧洲等国际体验高端文化之旅。 2018年6月,Simon、宝英夫妇来到北京,格调对他们进行了采访。

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Grand Touring: Luxury Travel’s the New Prada Bag for Young Chinese

27/07/2018  Ruonan Zheng
New Chapters, a British boutique travel agency based in London, is carving out an unusual specialty: it serves affluent Chinese consumers, specifically Chinese parents who wish to educate their children on Western culture.
The company’s trips carry themes from “Aristocratic Britain” (events include grouse shooting) to “Napoleon and the Birth of Modern Europe” (a highlight is a tour of the Waterloo battlefield) to a look at the UK contemporary art scene. It includes studio visits, painting lessons, and curatorial advice.

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Chinese Outbound Tourism To The UK


“Many of our clients are families interested in developing their own and particularly their children’s understanding of European cultures and developing an international mind-set and leadership capabilities in their children.” explains the Director of New Chapters, Esther Leong.

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What it Takes to Do Great Business with China

March 2016

How one woman has improved Anglo-Chinese relations with a start-up that focuses on custom, manners and partridges. Esther Leong saw the change coming. Having worked for 20 years in international marketing for global firms like Pepsi and Nestlé, she noticed two things: the trend of Chinese HNWI spending more time in the UK and her opportunity to start a business to help those visitors acclimatise in London and elsewhere.

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FT Weekend: A Brit of Quality


“There is an increasing interest in good quality design among her compatriots. The Chinese people would go to the UK, Italy or Germany for high quality craftsmanship and design.  They used to spend money on things that would be seen by everyone – cars and handbags – rather than items for the home, which are not seen. That is changing now.” said Esther.

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