Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, the annual poll of the UK’s most non-romantic cities and regions have just been announced! The city of Hull topped the list. So what is the most romantic place in UK? London has beaten the famous Lake District for two consecutive years!

Thousands of couples gather each year in London to experience the most wonderful moments in life. Here in the UK, a country which highly value Valentines day, do you know how they celebrate back in days?

The custom at the time was to put the names of the unmarried men and women on the paper strips, respectively, in separate boxes, then to prepare gifts for person you draw from the lottery and exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. The lady will then become the man’s “Valentine”in this following year.  London are called the city of love like Paris. Through our rigorous selection, here is a complied list of the top ten romantic dating places in London. Everyone lets all fall in love with this city.


1.     London’s most romantic restaurants

> Aquavit

Michelin two stars, North European style, from the decoration to the chef, from the silvery decorative apparatus to the blue marble setting, you can tell how elegant Aquavit is. The chef, Henrik Ritzén, has served in many infamous restaurants in the UK. The signature cuisines are the Nordic traditional seafood and meat dishes, and of course, how could you miss the Arctic bird’s nest dessert.


> Clos Maggiore

Located in Covent Garden, it is voted one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. Inspired by the Romantic towns of Provence and Tuscany. The restaurant’s décor is fairy-tale themed, with cherry blossoms and glass roof. The restaurant has won several AA rosettes (only one in 10 restaurants get AA rosettes!)


> Spring

Located in Somerset House. The restaurant is filled with white décor with flowery chandeliers from the ceiling. Chef Skye Gyngell is a Michelin star chef. Their char-grilled lamb and mussel, and the mix flavors ice-cream are all worth a try.


  1. Kew Garden


The famous Royal Botanic Gardens of England also have Valentine’s Day delicacies, this year it takes place at the Wakehurst area. Lets enjoy a dinner for two in the garden next to the Elisabeth Castle.



  1. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill has a breathtaking view of London’s skyline, including BT Tower and the Shard. How about going on a sunset picnic with your another half, with a glass of champagne.


  1. Kensington Roof Gardens

Located 100 feet above Kensington High Street, you can get away with the bustle and hustle of the city. A sip a refreshing Marguerite with your love one on the glass terrace will be perfect.


5.     Valentine’s Day Sunset Concert

What’s the most romantic thing you ever done for your love one?Have you ever think of building a gothic tower for you another half? That’s exactly what Mrs. Anne James has done for her husband. Looking out over Shooters Hill from her Severndroog Castle, accompanied with live musicians playing Baroque music, including Bach, Vivaldi The first and Handel’s work. This sunset concert is definitely the biggest surprise for you valentine.


  1. Paul’s Cathedral’s Whispering Gallery

Have you ever imagined you can whisper to your love one even over 30 meters’ distance? Let’s enjoy the unique acoustics experience at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The gallery is located under the dome and the sound move along the circular wall. As long as you are whispering by the wall and the other party can hear wherever they stand in the room.


  1. sofa seat for two @independence cinema

Cinema is always the classic dating sites, two people cuddling in an exclusive sofa for 2, covered with blankets, snacking during movie. Here you go an all-in-one romantic experience.



>Everyman Cinema

Everyman is a prime example of an independent cinema in London, with the theater’s standard seats in leather and excellent service. Preparing a unique movie ticket with exclusive screening experience as valentine gift could be a good idea.


> The Electric Cinema

The Electric Cinema is one of London’s oldest cinemas. Built in 1911, it has experienced both the world war I and II. The cinema’s interior is very luxurious and romantic. It is equipped with leather seat armchairs, footstools, cashmere blankets, and cocktails will be delivered to your seats personally by waiters. To top it all off, double beds are available at the front row for couples who fancy a perfect electric date!


  1. Cupid’s Capsule London Eye

If you wish for a memorable date however without much time to prepare, how about booking Cupid’s Capsule ? A unique London Eye capsules, accompanied by champagne and truffle chocolate. 30-minute Ferris wheel is a relatively luxurious experience, yet who can put a price tag for romance?


  1. The Shard sunset skyline

Want to catch a bird view of London? London Eye is not the only answer. The Shard is also the perfect spot for watching London’s skyline, how could any couples visiting London miss this signature sunset ?


10.  To all the single ladies, let’s celebrate valentines in ‘yours’ way

 > Sketch

Sketch is a Michelin restaurant serving French cuisine. It divided into five different sections, namely The Gallery, The Lecture Room, The Parlor, The Glade and The East Bar, which are different in style and dishes. You can find a pink afternoon tea here at Sketch you ever dreamt of. Hey single ladies, lets dive into the room of pink and begin your romantic afternoon.


> Petersham Nurseries


The Secret Garden Restaurant located in Richmond, was voted as “best Sunday brunch place”. The garden includes a Teahouse, Cafe and restaurant in the conservatory which awarded Michelin-star. Burberry Spring and summer collection 2009 shooting also took place here . Come with your lover to experience the British way of living here.



1.     check in advance for each attraction’s opening time, visit time and Last Entry time, to avoid disappointment

2. recommend book ticket in advance, online ticket usually offer great deal of discount

3. restaurant reservation,many London restaurants provide online advance booking. You can easily book a table online by opting the number of people, date and time.