Country Life once did a survey with a well-known pollster and asked ‘if you could, would you like to live in the countryside?’. More than 60% said yes, although only 14% actually do. 

This love for country is completely different from what Chinese people are used to. We love to live in a lively, bustling environment, we want our lives to be convenient and modern. Most of us believe that living in tier-1 cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is the symbol of success. So, although the costs of living are rising and pushing everyone into getting anxious, we still love the big city vibe. 

So why do English people love to live in the country side? 

Because English Country Side is beautiful 

Britain has more varied geology than any other country of comparable size. There are mountains and lakes, forests and plateaux; in the North there’s heavy snow every year, and in the South one can also experience serene and idyllic life.  

Aristocrats love living in the countryside 

Royalty has also played its part. Queen Victoria and King Albert led the way by buying Balmoral and Sandringham, leading to the idea that getting out of London was “fashionable”. 

Many stately home owners nowadays have inherited their estates from a long line of ancestors. The estate is more than just a house to them, it’s their family legacy.  This is why modern aristocrats still enjoy living in their country estates. It is also why there is a love of OLD things: every piece of furniture and art has been inherited and there is a story behind every one of them.  

The invention of the car and the extensive rail network has made escaping the big smoke ever more possible, as well as travelling to it. This is probably another reason why many British continue to live in the country side, as modern-day transportation has made live so much more convenient. 

Variety of activities 

There are so many things to do outside of the hustling and bustling city! Riding, shooting, hiking, walking with dogs…Embracing nature gives people a chance to stop worrying and enjoy a peaceful life. 

Aristocrats have all kinds of equipment/rooms to make sure that they have a fulfilling country life:  often a boot room (where all the muddy wellies and overcoats are kept) and maybe even a ‘gun room’ – if their house/estate is big enough for shooting.