The number of men who the Duke of Wellington said Napoleon was worth on the battlefield
Napoleon came 42nd out of a class of 58 when he left the military academy in Paris. Academic performance does not dictate one’s full ability nor one’s potential success in life
The number of years between the French revolution and Napoleon crowning himself Emperor


To provide a powerful experience for participants, children and adults, which will teach them about leadership, European history and culture, including Napoleon’s legacy today.

To inspire participants to develop their leadership skills and ambitions.



An 8 day programme which is based in France, primarily in and around Paris but also in Corsica and Toulon, and at Waterloo in Belgium.  The programme consists of

  • Interactive discussions with experts in all aspects of Napoleon’s life, globally renowned writers and academics
  • The author of what is considered to be the definitive biography of Napoleon will be with the group for the whole programme
  • Learn about the history of France and Europe immediately prior to Napoleon’s rise to power, the impact of the Enlightenment, the life of the royal family in France and the French Revolution
  • Learn about Napoleon’s life story from his birth in Corsica, through his early influences and military experience to his life
  • Visit key locations in Napoleon’s life in order to learn about his character, the major influences on him, his leadership and military capabilities, his political and administrative skills, his personal life
  • Locations to be visited include Versailles, Les Invalides, the Louvre, Hôtel de Charost, Malmaison, Fontainebleau, various sites in central Paris such as Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe and Waterloo
  • Battlefield Visits – Toulon and Waterloo, in order to understand the criticality of Napoleon’s strategic understanding, courage and vision.


Subject matter expertise

Subject matter

  • French and European History – providing the background to Napoleon’s time, such as the Enlightenment and its impact, the French Revolution, the political and social map of Europe in the late eighteenth century
  • Napoleon – His life story, the history of his reign and the lessons in leadership from his experience
  • British History – the relationship between Britain and France, British maritime power, the industrial revolution
  • Napoleon’s legacy
  • The relationship between art and power
Leadership characteristics


  • Leadership – providing an understanding of the characteristics required to become a great leader, focus areas and approaches to leadership, inspiring confidence in participants with the ambition to lead
  • Teamwork and Collaboration – solving problems collaboratively
  • Strategic Thinking – using lessons from Napoleon’s military and government experience
  • Determination – facing challenges to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Community – contributing positively to community
Learning new life-skills


  • The programme uses practical role plays to bring alive leadership characteristics, teamwork and strategic thinking skills

Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools.


Victory belongs to the most persevering.


Learning Approach & Key Specialists

  • Learning by experiencing first-hand the locations and objects of key importance in Napoleon’s life in the company of leading experts in Napoleon
  • Learning through direct, active experience and role-play
  • Daily workbook to guide each participant on the subjects covered and the key learnings
  • Interpreters are PhD level native Chinese speakers who are specialists in each field of study

What our clients think…

We really enjoyed the spectacular scenery and beautiful palaces. The week gave us a fantastic introduction to French history and culture.

The highlight for us was the private piano recital and dinner at Napoleon and Josephine’s chateau.

My son in particular was inspired by Napoleon’s story. It was a huge privilege to have such renowned experts accompanying us throughout the trip.

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