An educational rite of passage for international citizens of the 21st century

The number of Englishmen who visited Paris in a 6 week period in 1787
The number of paintings collected by the Earl of Arundel on his Grand Tour in the 17th century
£ spent in today's money by an English aristocrat on their Grand Tour


  • To experience the lifestyle of the original aristocrats who completed the Grand Tour of Europe
  • To learn about the benefits that the Grand Tour brought to the British aristocracy, their family dynasties over many generations and to Britain more broadly
  • To learn directly from British aristocracy the values and traditions which have sustained their family development and leadership in society over many generations
  • To lay the foundations of knowledge and experience for individuals and families to complete our modern-day, 21stcentury Grand Tour – gradually over several years, as an educational rite of passage to become successful, cultured and sophisticated citizens of the world
  • To learn new skills which reflect the interests of the British aristocracy, such as riding and shooting



This programme is the first in a series which explores the key cultural centres of the world.  It revives the concept of the original Grand Tour which was an educational rite of passage for the British aristocracy from the 17thto the 19thcentury.  The sons and subsequently daughters of English aristocrats were sent across Europe to gain an understanding of European cultures, to develop a sophisticated and cultured mindset and to acquire the air of accomplishment and prestige which came with the experience.

In today’s increasingly international world, the objectives of the Grand Tour have never been as relevant and valuable in providing individuals and families with the cultural knowledge and experience required to succeed internationally.

While the full Modern-Day Grand Tour includes programmes in Europe, America, the Middle-East and beyond, this foundational programme, The Home of the Grand Tour, is focused on Britain.  The first few days are spent in a famous stately home to experience the world of the aristocratic country estate and the influences of the Grand Tour on this life.  The remainder of the programme is based in the heart of London, staying in the area which was the centre for royal and aristocratic families.

We go behind the scenes at locations of key importance in British life with eminent historians and curators who bring alive the Grand Tour, its impact and benefits.  The locations included in the programme provide the setting to explore both British aristocratic lifestyle and areas of learning which created their sophisticated and cultured mindset, and which bring the air of accomplishment and prestige to excel in today’s world:

  • Stately Home – We stay in the home of a British aristocrat and experience their lifestyle and education, including the influence of the Grand Tour
  • Cambridge and/or Oxford – Two of the leading universities of the world. We explore the cultures that are the focus of the Grand Tour and the approach to education adopted by the aristocracy.
  • London Institutions – We meet experts in the most relevant museums and galleries in order to understand life on the Grand Tour, the value of the collections created by the aristocrats and the impact on life in Britain
  • Private Clubs and Houses – We go behind the scenes in some of London’s leading clubs and private houses in order to learn from the lifestyle of the past and present Grand Tour.


Subject matter expertise

Subject matter

  • An understanding of the original Grand Tour, undertaken by British aristocrats from the 17thto the 19thcenturies, its impact on them as individuals, on the families over many generations and on British society
  • An understanding of British culture and the relevance of the Grand Tour and British aristocratic lifestyle within British and western society
Leadership characteristics


  • How to develop strong and positive family values that sustain growth across many generations
  • Leadership lessons from key figures in British history and the aristocracy, past and present
  • Absorbing the taste and culture of the British establishment and aristocracy
  • An understanding of different cultural models and the differences between Chinese and British culture
Learning new life-skills


  • Development of skills in British country sports such as riding and shooting

Cultura Animi - The cultivation of the soul


Foreign travel completes the education of an English gentleman

Edward Gibbon

To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child


Learning Approach & Key Specialists

  • Learning by living the experience, understanding first-hand how the Grand Tour impacted families and society
  • Learning by doing, through the direct experience, workshops and activities under the instruction of experts in each field
  • Our leading instructors are renowned academics who have specialist knowledge of the Grand Tour as well as the areas of culture which were explored in the original Grand Tour
  • Daily workbook to guide each participant on the subjects covered and the key learnings
  • PhD level native Chinese interpreters who are specialists in each field of study

What our clients think…

There is a lot we can learn from old English families who have survived and thrived for many generations

In China now we have a lot of money, but we don't know how to live well, or live a good life

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