English people love their dogs. From the Royal Family to the homeless, dogs can be spotted everywhere and are considered the most adorable, faithful companion.   

The Royal Family and its dogs  

The Queen, for example, is known for her love for her Corgis. And who wouldn’t? Many are attracted instantly to the Corgis’ short legs and lovely facial expressions after seeing them.  

The royal corgis enjoy a privileged life in Buckingham Palace. They reside in the “Corgi Room” and sleep in elevated wicker baskets. They have their own extensive menu at the palace, which includes fresh rabbit and beef, served by a gourmet chef. At Christmas, The Queen makes stockings for pets full of toys and delicacies such as biscuits. The Queen even fires her staff when they don’t treat her corgis with enough respect. In 1999, one of Queen Elizabeth’s royal footmen was demoted from Buckingham Palace for his “party trick of pouring booze into the corgis’ food and water” and watching them “staggering about” with relish. 

It is not only The Queen, other members of The Royal Family also love their dogs. Princess Anne for example is famous for her love of terriers. One of her terriers even made her the first royal with a criminal record: she was fined because it hurt two children in a park. The same terrier also killed one of The Queen’s corgis in 2003, which shocked and deeply saddened The Queen. The news made headlines in the press. So, you can see how much the English care about dogs and related news stories. 

Nonetheless, it was reported in July 2015 that The Queen had stopped breeding corgis because she “didn’t want to leave any young dog behind” when she passes away. 


Popular breeds in the UK 

What are the most popular breeds of dogs in the UK? Well, there’s no better place to find them than Crufts, an international canine event held annually in Birmingham, England. It has over 120 years of history.  

Dogs first compete amongst their own breeds. After the best of each breed has been chosen, they then compete against the others in their group (in the UK, there are seven Groups: Toys, Gundogs, Utility, Hounds, Working, Pastoral, and Terriers) to find the Best in Group. The seven Group winners then compete to find the Best in Show. 


Some “Best in Show” breeds in the past: 

Golden Retriever  

Labrador Retriever  




– West Highland Terrier 

– Scottish Terrier 


– Springer Spaniel  



This year’s Crufts is happening right now. It ends on March 11th. If you are interested in who’s the best in show for 2018, leave us a message and we’ll let you know the result!